How it started...?
Vinkem is one of the licensed state of the art WHO-cGMP approved plant which is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Less than 5 generic companies in the world specialize in Vinka molecules and have a complete range of Vinka alkaloid products and Vinkem in one among them. The company’s capability and knowledge in the pharmaceutical research have given us the ability to develop top end, complex APIs by using the latest technologies. We invest a reasonable amount of our revenues often in research.

Even as we focus on developing new user friendly technologies, we continuously monitor our research efficiency. Our R&D productivity ranks among the highest for Indian generic companies. The equipment’s, utilities, plant and machinery meet international standards. It has a well equipped Analytical and Microbial testing facility. The manufacturing conforms to the highest possible quality standards meeting the specifications of US, European, Indian and Other Pharmacopoeias .
Key Features of Plant
• WHO - cGMP approved Plant.
• UKMHRA, USFDA, TGA (Australia), EU compliant facility.
• Well equipped QC and R & D Facility.
• Extraction of Natural products (5 Mt/day) from plant material.
• Isolation and Semi-synthesis of API from plant extracts.
• Synthesis difficult to make high value low volume products.
• Expertise in handling hazardous reaction involving tri-isobutyl aluminium, Super acid, HF, Hydrogenation, highly active metals like K, cryogenic reaction, molecular distillation, Isolation technology using Prep HPLC, Low pressure, high pressure reactions etc.